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omg some of you remember me

so many feelings right now

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I’m not sure if any of you guise remember me, but if you do, I decided to make another edit blog c:

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My tumblr leave. 

Uh. Yeah. I’ve decided I won’t be posting anymore. I’ve decided to leave tumblr. I’m gonna leave this blog here though, just in case I decide to for some reason come back and post again, but otherwise, it’s been a lot of fun in the past year, but because of personal reasons and because of the fact that tumblr has changed a lot in terms of some people just completely ruining tumblr’s atmosphere and the Jonas fandom, and the fact that I just don’t feel happy on tumblr anymore, I’m leaving.. Thank you for following me and thank you for making what I thought would never happen, happen. That sounds so cheesy but it’s true. And thank you especially to a selected bunch - you know who you are - for being extra kind to me and for making tumblr a delight. 

If for some reason any of you want to continue following me, my personal is this, which I will be using again shortly.

Again, thank you, and goodbye. :) It was fun while it lasted.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY IRMA!!! Joe has a message for you above :D Gosh, where do I even start. You’re such a wonderful, sweet person. I remember when I first started talking to you, I was nervous because I was new to tumblr and I didn’t think you would even respond to me, but you did, and we started talking straight away. I didn’t know that you would become such a close friend to me, but I am so, SO glad that you did, and I know we don’t talk a lot lately, but I love you so much, and you’re such a great friend. I’ll always be here for you. Through the times you’ve been sad, and through the times you’ve been happy, you’ve constantly remained strong and you’ve been…just…amazing. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me, you’ve cheered me up countless times, and I overall can’t thank you enough for sticking by me and being so good to me. I love you so much. I hope you have a fantastic birthday, you deserve nothing but happiness. And Joe. ;) I know this isn’t much, and I’ll try and do something more next year like send you a joick sextape, but just know that I love you so much.

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Joe Jonas Thirty Day Challenge
Day Twenty Four » Favorite inspirational moments
His passion for children with intellectual disabilities - For years, Joe has been helping raise awareness for children with intellectual disabilities & doing all that he can to raise money for the Special Olympics. Joe constantly visits centers that specialize in Special Olympics games & play with the children there. For the past two years, he’s been a celebrity mentor for the Acuvue contest where he help’s to make someone’s dream become reality. In 2011, he helped a girl who’s brother participated in the Special Olympics & let her direct a PSA video about it. In 2012, he helped a girl raise money for her school that specializes with children who have learning disabilities. Joe has made the “r word” pledge to encourage people to stop using the word “retard” against those who are often known to be different from us. In 2010, Joe met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi & other representatives as an advocate for The Eunice Kennedy Shriver Act of 2010, discussing his iWin Fun Run events that benefit the Special Olympics. With these events, Joe plots a 5K run & encourages people to get teams to run together to help raise money for the Special Olympics. He takes these runs all around the country & has raised thousands of dollars! These are just a few of the acts Joe has helped with those that have disabilities. He helps these children in any way possible to make them happy & to help encourage people to make a difference in the world, too.

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Primadonna girl, yeah. All I ever wanted was the world. I can’t help that I need it all.

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Um. Hi Sofie. This is for you. Enjoy. ;)

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